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The Prestwold Guide To Finding Your Wedding Suppliers

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Home / Wedding Ideas / The Prestwold Guide To Finding Your Wedding Suppliers
The Prestwold Guide To Finding Your Wedding Suppliers

The Prestwold Guide To Finding Your Wedding Suppliers

After booking your venue, choosing your wedding suppliers is without a doubt one of the biggest parts of planning. It will take up a surprisingly large amount of time and it can often get overwhelming – and that’s without having to stick within your budget. So, to help those who are new to the world of weddings, we’re offering you some essential advice for finding your wedding suppliers. Avoid getting lost in spreadsheets and deposits and get the lowdown. Let’s get wedding planning!


You’ll find that wedding suppliers get booked up months, if not years, in advance, so get booking as early as possible to avoid disappointment. As soon as you’ve set the date and confirmed your venue, it’s time to get organised with finding the professionals. Although it’s important to be on the ball, don’t be too hasty and rush into any decisions that you think you might regret a little later on the down the line. You want every supplier to be the perfect choice for your celebration, so if you’re going to book, make sure you know it’s the right one!


If you’re stuck at the first hurdle, don’t fret. A magnificent wedding venue in Loughborough, Prestwold Hall have worked with a number of incredibly talented professionals and can offer you some suggestions of our handpicked suppliers to help you along the way. We’ve worked closely with each of these suppliers and can promise that they will ensure your day is nothing short of perfection.


Doing your research is absolutely key when it comes to finding your wedding suppliers and there are a number of things you will need to take into account. Firstly, think about whether your supplier will suit your style of celebration. If you’ve decided to host a black-tie affair, there’s no point hiring a stylist who is an expert in industrial-themed weddings. You also need to be aware of your wedding budget before you start contacting any suppliers. If you discover a florist who’s way out of your budget, you’ll only cause yourself heartbreak, and wedding planning can be stressful enough without any additional hiccups. You will also need to think about your venue, as many professionals will have a travel limit or additional charges for locations outside of their area.


Your suppliers will need to know the date of your wedding, your venue or at least the location that you are planning on saying, ‘I Do’. Study their services carefully and let them know which particular package you’d be looking for while providing the supplier with a brief overview of your day. It is super helpful for suppliers to know the style, theme, colour palettes of your celebration, with just a general guide to your wedding. Don’t forget to enquire about their availability, prices and booking T&Cs. You want to make sure you know everything you can about the supplier before you start booking.


Okay, so you’re ready to start shortlisting your wedding suppliers. Book at least two for a consultation, as this will offer you the chance to get to know their business, and vice versa. Delve into their review and social media pages even further, and pore over their portfolios to make sure you’re absolutely smitten with their work.


It’s time to make the final decision! Confirm and book with your chosen suppliers. Out of courtesy, we recommend informing the suppliers that you won’t be using them so that they can release the date and offer it to other couples.


Now you’ve booked your suppliers, you can really start imagining how your big day will unfold. If you’re in need of even further wedding planning advice and inspiration, head straight over to the Prestwold Hall blog.

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