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A Historic Wedding Venue: The History Of Prestwold Hall

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Home / Wedding Ideas / A Historic Wedding Venue: The History Of Prestwold Hall
A Historic Wedding Venue: The History Of Prestwold Hall

A Historic Wedding Venue: The History Of Prestwold Hall

A magnificent Grade I listed stately home set in the beautiful surroundings of Leicestershire, Prestwold Hall has been at the heart of the Packe family for over 350 years. Remaining as a private residence, it has also become one of the most sought-after wedding venues in the area, as well as a prime location for corporate events, exclusive parties and filming. 

With its grandeur comes its reputation, and our historic wedding venue Prestwold Hall is renowned for hosting unique events with unrivalled service. The venue offers you complete exclusivity, allowing you to make the most of the space to celebrate your love story with your friends and family.

The rich and extensive history effortlessly adds to the character of the house. Having been remodelled in the 1840s, architect William Burn is thought to have regarded this as one of his finest buildings in the neoclassical style. As you wander through the grounds, you will see that the gardens reflect the classical symmetry of the house, with nothing but the parkland in the background. To the west of the house stands the medieval parish church of St Andrew’s

the grounds of historic wedding venue Prestwold Hall in spring

Our Favourite Facts About Our Historic Wedding Venue

– Prestwold Hall was first acquired by Sir Christopher Packe in 1649, shortly after the death of Charles I. 

– Sir Christopher Packe was nominated by Cromwell to create a new senate, this was the start of his fame and fortune.

– However, it was remembered that Christopher, the late Lord Mayor of London, had also been one of the aldermen who proclaimed the abolition of monarchy in May 1649.

– In August 1660, Christopher Packe was disqualified and instead retired to Prestwold Hall where he lived until the age of 87.

– Charles James Packe rebuilt the Hall in the 1760s, creating the parkland that surrounds the venue. 

– In 1837, Charles William Packe inherited Prestwold Hall, with the house remodelled by architect William Burn.

– 1938 arrives, where Simon Jasper Packe-Drury-Lowe was born. He took control of Prestwold Hall when his father died at a young age. 

Renowned for being rather eccentric and a forward-thinker, Simon was one of the first people in the country to gain a licence to open the house for weddings and events, and thus our historic wedding venue was born. 

Staely home wedding venue in Leicestershire

It’s impossible to ignore the grandeur and luxury of Prestwold Hall, including its interior and decadent décor. The house is known for its striking marbled plaster work in the Italian style, due to the sheer scale and quality of the work. As you wander through the corridors, you’ll also find a remarkable collection of twentieth century portraiture adorning the walls, not to mention the exquisite eighteenth-century English and European furniture. 

To this very day, Prestwold Hall is home to the Packe-Drury-Lowe family. Now you’ve got to grips with the history of our luxury wedding venue in Leicestershire, head straight over to our wedding section to find out why it offers nothing short of spectacular for your celebration. With a ‘home from home’ feel, the team can’t wait to welcome you through the doors. Discover its charm, character and warmth, and book in a tour of Prestwold Hall.

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