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How To Personalise Your Wedding Ceremony At Prestwold Hall

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Home / Wedding Ideas / How To Personalise Your Wedding Ceremony At Prestwold Hall
How To Personalise Your Wedding Ceremony At Prestwold Hall

How To Personalise Your Wedding Ceremony At Prestwold Hall

Your wedding ceremony is arguably the most important part of any wedding; it is the reason you’ve gathered your friends and family to witness you celebrating your love story. Every couple is different so ceremonies are always unique in some way, but we’ve put together some ideas for how you can add a personal touch to this all-important element. Here are our favourite ideas to personalise your wedding ceremony, so that it could only ever be yours…

A bride and groom smile as they walk through a confetti shower. Tips to personalise your wedding ceremony at Prestwold Hall
Kayleigh Pope Photographer

The Music

Music is a deeply emotive and personal thing, and it’s a great way to personalise your wedding ceremony. At Prestwold we invite you to choose a selection of music you love, to walk down the aisle to and for your exit as newlyweds. Perhaps there’s a song that reminds you of your first date? Did a particular piece of music play in the background as your other half proposed? This is also a fun way of reminding each other of songs that mean a lot to you. 

Write your own vows

One of the most romantic ways to personalise your wedding ceremony is by writing your own wedding vows. Give yourself an adequate amount of time to do so – this isn’t a night before the wedding kind of job! You can include a few snippets about your relationship and some fun, light-hearted vows that mean a lot to you both as a couple. You could go down the route of a humanist or celebrant-led ceremony to make it completely unique to you, even including elements such as handfastings.

Outdoor wedding venue in Leicestershire
Megan Wilson

Heirloom Details

It’s time to get nostalgic! A nod towards loved ones (including those who sadly cannot be present at your ceremony) is a heartfelt way to give your ceremony a personal touch. For instance, you could carefully tie your grandma’s locket around the stems of your bridal bouquet or add a few photographs of your families over the generations for guests to have a nosey at as they walk in. It offers a little slice of history for your wedding day! We love to celebrate family histories here at Prestwold – you can have a little look at ours here!

Include your pet

We understand the importance of your four-legged friends, so why not include your furry companion in your nuptials? They can make their debut down the aisle or they could simply make an appearance for your post-ceremony photos. Make sure they’re looking smart in a bow-tie or floral collar!

Pet friendly wedding venue in Leicestershire
LHT Photography

Seating Plan

Gone are the days where guests were asked to sit on the side of the ‘bride’ or ‘groom’. Instead, couples are swapping tradition for something a little more relaxed, so encourage your guests to mingle and sit where they please during your ceremony. It may be worth including some pretty signage to advise guests. While we’re on the topic of seating, you could get creative with the chairs you’re using. Church pews may not take your fancy, so shake it up with rustic wooden benches, mix and match chairs, ghost chairs or colour holix chairs. The options are endless! 

Include Children 

If you’re having children at your wedding, why not give them roles during your ceremony? Not only will they adore being asked (they’ll feel so grown-up) it’s guaranteed to make the rest of your guests smile. You could ask them to be a ring bearer, flower girl or simply ask them to carry a sweet sign as they walk down the aisle with you. Don’t stress too much about their unpredictability, it’s all part of the fun! If they’re your children, what better way to personalise a wedding ceremony!?

Outdoor wedding reception in Leicestershire
Megan Wilson

Personalise your order of service

Your wedding programs should include the order of proceedings as an essential, as well as a list of the bridal party members, but you can easily make it personal by including a fun fact about each member or their favourite quote. In honour of loved ones, why not include a tribute to those who have passed on and can’t be present? We also recommend that the design of your order of service fits in with the rest of your stationery for a coordinated look.

Wedding Readings

While there are plenty of popular religious wedding readings out there, take the time to choose readings that really resonate with you – they don’t have to be traditional or religious. Our sister venue, The Hall Barns, has put together a whole post about some of the loveliest non-religious wedding readings for your ceremony here, but you can choose song lyrics, snippets from children’s books or even old love letters!

Consider your Décor 

From floral backdrops, pretty bunting, colourful ribbons or romantic signage, consider your ceremony décor and how the styling can really make your wedding feel like your own! Again, make sure it ties in with the rest of your wedding day.

Wedding ceremony venue at Prestwold Hall

For a full run-down of how your wedding day at Prestwold might look, click here. You have lots of options for personalising your wedding ceremony, so why not book a tour with us to envision it happening in real life!? We can’t wait to meet you!

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