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The things your wedding guests won’t notice (and the 4 things they definitely will)

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Home / Wedding Ideas / The things your wedding guests won’t notice (and the 4 things they definitely will)
The things your wedding guests won’t notice (and the 4 things they definitely will)

The things your wedding guests won’t notice (and the 4 things they definitely will)

Whether you’re just starting out with your wedding planning or have been carefully putting all the pieces of your dream day together for months, maybe years, it’s easy for ‘the wedding’ to take on a life of its own. If you’ve started having anxiety dreams about losing the confetti cones or the invitations arriving with a typo, it’s probably time to step away from the planning madness. Of course, every couple wants to make sure their big day is unforgettable. But truly, when it comes down to it, all that matters is you and your partner getting married. The reality is there are so many things your wedding guests won’t notice. So don’t sweat the small stuff or feel you have to bust the budget to get the ‘perfect’ day. 

bride and groom sheltering under umbrella at night
Credit: Aaron Russell Photography

The things your wedding guests won’t notice

While all of these things are fantastic to have ­– if you have the time, budget or real desire to make it happen – believe us when we say your guests won’t even notice if you skip them.  

Ceremony programs

Of course, it’s nice for your guests to have something to look through and get a feel for the ceremony vibe while they wait for your grand entrance but, quite honestly, no one will notice if you don’t have order of service ceremony programs laid out. Your friends and family will be far too absorbed in soaking up the ceremony and listening to your vows, rather than reading everything off a piece of card. 

bride and groom getting married at Prestwold Hall
Credit: Nathan Walker

Wedding Favours

We understand that wedding favours are a very contentious subject. While some couples feel they are an integral part of the wedding day, others think they are just a waste of money, giving guests things they don’t particularly want or need. What we do know is that you’d be hard pushed to find a guest reminiscing about someone’s wedding and pointing out that there were no favours. Yes, they are lovely to have, but it’s probably something you will remember more than your guests will in years to come.

Super-expensive table linen

At Prestwold Hall we love seeing our elegant reception rooms all dressed up for a wedding breakfast. While luxurious table linen undoubtably looks the part, it’s really something most wedding guests won’t notice. If you have the budget, go for it. But if not, don’t waste a single second of your wedding planning worrying about it.

guests raising a toast at a Prestwold Hall wedding
Credit: Chris Bunce

The things your wedding guests will notice

These are the things your guests will never forget…

The wedding venue

Your wedding venue completely sets the tone for your day. From a laid-back, rustic barn venue to a grand country house, your venue instantly gives your guests a clear idea of what to expect from your wedding day. Your venue provides the atmosphere and backdrop for your day – it’s something your guests won’t forget. If you love the idea of a luxurious, manor house vibe, Prestwold Hall is the venue for you. Our Grade I listed, exclusive- use venue is located in the heart of the Leicestershire Wolds, surrounded by 100s of acres of idyllic countryside, picturesque parklands and formal gardens. Everything about Prestwold has the wow-factor, but it’s far from stuffy. Prestwold is the kind of wedding venue where you’re encouraged to really make yourself feel at home. What more could you ask for? 

bride and groom kissing in the gardens in front of Prestwold Hall
Credit: Chris Bunce

The food and drink

Bad wedding food is exactly the kind of thing your guests will remember – for all the wrong reasons. The same goes for a bar that runs out of wine during your wedding. It may seem simple, but the wedding food and drink can turn a fantastic wedding into one to forget. When planning your wedding, always have a tasting at your chosen venue to make sure you are happy with the menu. Even better, find a venue that is flexible and open to working with you to create the kind of wedding food you love. At Prestwold Hall our incredible team, working under Head Chef Marc Billings, can put together the most unforgettable wedding food – from delicious canapés to a formal three-course meal, using only the very best local ingredients.

tray of canapés at Prestwold Hall wedding
Credit: Helen King Photography

The music

Filling your wedding day with music is such a great way to show off your personalities. From walking down the aisle to the heavenly sounds of a harpist to your favourite DJ filling the dancefloor all night, music is a key part of any wedding and something your guests will absolutely notice.  

brass band playing at a Prestwold Hall wedding reception
Credit: A Big Neon Glitter

The atmosphere

You know all those little details you’ve spent sleepless nights over? We’re telling you now please don’t worry! Without doubt, the biggest thing your wedding guests will notice on the day is how they feel. A day full of love, happiness and celebration is something no one will forget. And the best bit? It doesn’t cost a thing (or take a second of planning!).

bride and groom being waved off with sparklers at Prestwold Hall wedding
Credit: Pear & Bear

An unforgettable wedding at Prestwold Hall

If you’re searching for the perfect Leicestershire wedding venue, we’d love the chance to show you around Prestwold Hall. Our exclusive-use country house, provides the privacy for you and your guests to enjoy a spectacular day, while our experienced team are on hand to help you with every aspect of your planning. Just click here to book a viewing or to ask a question. We’ll be back in touch straight away.

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